Saturday, May 1, 2010

Justification for the title

Before we begin any serious discussion, a word on the title I have chosen for this blog and myself.

According to wikipedia “a vagabond or "drifter" is an itinerant person. Such people may be called drifters, tramps, rogues, or hobos. A vagabond is characterized by almost continuous traveling, lacking a fixed home, temporary abode, or permanent residence. Vagabonds are not bums, as bums are not known for traveling, preferring to stay in one location.” defines a philosopher as “
1. a person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics, metaphysics, logic, and other related fields.
2. a person who is deeply versed in philosophy.
3. a person who establishes the central ideas of some movement, cult, etc.
4. a person who regulates his or her life, actions, judgments, utterances, etc., by the light of philosophy or reason.
5. a person who is rationally or sensibly calm, esp. under trying circumstances.”

So while I may not be the most transient nor the most philosophic person, I think I exhibit enough of the above listed qualities (or at least have them as my goals) to justify deeming myself The Vagabond Philosopher. True, it probably would have been more accurate to title this blog 'The Wanna Be Vagabond Philosopher', as I know all too well my extreme incompetence particularly pertaining to the 'Philosopher' part, but I'll leave that title for my scores of ambitious followers to adopt.